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If you’re your own boss, then you need to know this number.

Evaluating Your Needs

Do you own your own business? Are you a chronic time-waster, or do you feel like your talents are better spent building your business instead of managing payroll, figuring out how to drive website traffic or paying bills?

While those with the entrepreneurial spirit enjoy the responsibilities of owning a business — and appreciate its undeniable advantages — to really maximize your time you must understand what you’re sacrificing when you undertake these tasks yourself instead of delegating them out to professionals specializing in the field.

You Should Be Jealous of Your Time

Calculate what your time is worth on an hourly basis by dividing your annual income by 2000 hours. If your time is worth $75 per hour but you’re completing tasks better outsourced for $30, then you’re wasting time as well as money.


Isn’t a better use of your time to outsource the areas that fall outside your business expertise? For example, why struggle for hours writing website content and muddling through analytics programs, trying to determine what content turns visitors into customers?

You’re better off hiring an Internet marketing company that provides SEO services such as keyword-optimized copywriting and back-end analytics.

The same goes for other tasks from administration to accounting. While many business owners detest giving up control, to really grow your business you must make the leap and trust others. In this way, you can earn more money but work fewer hours at the same time.

Personal Time

Of course, not every task can be outsourced. Go through your day with a fine-tooth comb and keep a time log if you need to. What are the differences between how you think you spend your day and what you actually do? Taking periodic 20-minute web surfing breaks and talking on the phone for 10 minutes when a 2-minute email will suffice are your clues.

That’s why you must develop a distraction-free, focus-only schedule. If keeping your email open causes your eyes to wander, only open it during specific hours of the day (from 3 to 4 pm, for example). Don’t worry — if it’s urgent, they will call.

Same goes for the telephone. Plan to return calls between certain hours and stick to it. And if you need to make appointments, plan them for the early afternoon so you have a long period of time to prepare and work in the early morning.

In every family or group of friends there always seems to be one person who is truly mechanically inclined. These folks love tinkering with engines, motors and anything mechanical whether it’s broken or not. If this description sounds familiar, you might a good candidate for a career

Airplane mechanics aren’t exactly growing on trees in most parts of the country and, consequently, their skills are in high demand.

A big question that many potential airplane mechanics have is whether or not

automobile parts are at all similar? In some cases they are, but the stakes are so much higher with airplanes that the two professions are significantly more different than you might think. Just consider the potential breakdown scenarios for a moment.


When you’re driving, a minor engine failure means pulling over to the side of the road and calling for help. But when you’re flying, there’s no such thing as a minor engine failure, especially if you’re in a single engine prop-driven craft.


Airplane mechanics have a very important job that shouldn’t be taken lightly.




Parking Attendants are the a lot of arresting guardians of on-street parking restrictions in the Affiliated Kingdom. Though their name has been clearly afflicted to the best ‘Civil Administration Officers ‘by the Traffic Management Act 2004, they are affiliated with their ‘enemies’ in motoring and media Britain in preferring their aloft title.

According to the accepted press, their powers, to appoint parking control tickets are amaranthine and akin alone by their abhorrence to appearance the a lot of basal acumen in applying the law. But what absolutely are the admiral of these sentinels of the UK’s boxy parking regimes who affair a lot of of the about 8 actor parking tickets generated in the country annually?

Below I accept attempted to acknowledgment this application a ‘Frequently Asked Question’ format, relying heavily on key Government guidelines, a lot of of which are not as broadly accepted as they apparently should be.

The affair is not as bright cut as abounding accomplish it out to be. It is admired as best convenance for an administration administrator to abrasion abounding accoutrements including arch accessory if accustomed out administration activity on artery and a lot of councils advance this policy. However there is allowance for discretion

Section 8.2 of the Department of Transport’s Operational Advice to Bounded Authorities Parking Action and Administration appear in November 2010 states -

“…… If adapted headgear, such as a hat, is allotment of the uniform, the civilian administration administrator should abrasion it at all reasonable times, unless clumsy to do so for religious reasons. It may be alive to accomplish headgear alternative in assertive affairs so that a PCN is accurate even if issued by a CEO not cutting a hat.”

The access to this should be that cutting arch accessory should be the absence position of a lot of council’s. If an administration administrator has issued a admission afterwards cutting one (for whatever reason) again his employing ascendancy have to accommodate accounting affirmation that the board has a action allowing this.

What if I acknowledgment afore the administrator has accomplished autograph out the ticket

If the administrator has started autograph out a admission afore the acknowledgment of the motorist, he or she is not accustomed to stop it even if the motorist offers to move the car from its actionable position.